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 In my garden 2012

bright golden color
kissed and teased by sun’s hot rays
drink up, sip, enjoy


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Thank you to Haiku Heights for the opportunity to write about childhood. What memories, what love, what fun, and what a family!


Warm arms embrace me
family love surrounds me
raspberry kisses

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I enjoy all of the Haiku Heights writers. You will, too, if you stop by and read their wonderful works. This week, the word prompt is ILLUSION. My take on this is as follows:


Slight hint of a smile
Upturned mouth and grin intact
Heart heavy and sad

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Haiku Heights has done it again…a delightful word prompt to get our creative juices flowing…DESIRE.


she desires youth
 botox injected, lips pursed
 much of life is missed!

(Photo courtesy of google image)

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Once more, thank you to HAIKU HEIGHTS for the fantastic word prompt. This prompt is suggested by Aakriti of YARN OF WORDS. I must say this photo I am using rivited my attention and I could not leave it alone. These Afghan women know much about the rigors, frustrations, and limits their life demands of them,  yet, the birth of a child brings them courage and togetherness much like it does in my culture.

A group of women


newborn lullaby
symphony of proud veiled smiles
flee life’s acrid song

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There is much inspiration at the Haiku Heights blog site. Please join in the fun and read the talented Haiku writers featured there. This week, prompt #104 is crimson.

scarlet shoes seduction

Photo from owningpink.com

Crimson Heels

head turning hip sway
sleek crimson stiletto heels
minds playing skin games

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This week Haiku Heights gave us another great word prompt – tiptoe. The word brought me back to a night in the 60’s when I was watching my favorite late night talk show host, Johnny Carson. Tiny Tim was the guest and he sang (in a way only he could sing) “Tiptoe through the Tulips”. My mind froze back to that time and I could think of nothing else. I am giving away my age and my generation, but, what memories those 60’s held!
Enjoy this clip:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_PLWqnfFgU

I did manage to write a Haiku despite perseverating about Tiny Tim (and the 60’s)!


 white hair thin and sparse
wrinkles smile from life well lived
wisdom tiptoes on

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