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propped up in a chair
tending family staying close
pained eyes beg to pass

(picture courtesy Google Image)


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 In my garden 2012

bright golden color
kissed and teased by sun’s hot rays
drink up, sip, enjoy

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Earth’s Soil


fingers squish earth’s soil
helping life emerge within
vibrant growth unfolds

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Spring Sun

your rays quell my cold
crocus buds sip your hot kiss
warm chills surge my spine
your long arms stretch and hug me
spring peepers serenade me

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Thank you to Haiku Heights for the opportunity to write about childhood. What memories, what love, what fun, and what a family!


Warm arms embrace me
family love surrounds me
raspberry kisses

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Last Kiss

Indigo Spider has done it again with fantastic visual prompts. Visit her blog and enjoy reading the stories and poetry her prompts inspire. I have chosen the hauntingly beautiful picture titled LAST KISS by Martinakis Adams. My contribution this week is in the form of poetry, a Tanka.

Visual Prompt 5 — Last Kiss by Martinakis Adam (http://deignis.deviantart.com/)


touch my lips, my love
knowing my heart answers yours
kiss me gently, sweet
letting memories mingle here
wishing we could start anew

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I enjoy all of the Haiku Heights writers. You will, too, if you stop by and read their wonderful works. This week, the word prompt is ILLUSION. My take on this is as follows:


Slight hint of a smile
Upturned mouth and grin intact
Heart heavy and sad

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