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Again, BeKindRewrite’s InspirationMondayVIII had wonderful prompts. I wish I had enough time to write more of them. Wonderful choices, Stephanie!


I’ve had it with your ranting and raving. All you do is attack and chide. You’re just a cheap piece of glass. You call yourself a mirror? Yeah, right! You don’t even know how to reflect. This isn’t how I really look. You’re a fake worth nothing to me. Nothing! Do you hear? I can ignore you. Ignore!  I’m fed up with what you have to say. You scold me, tell me my eyes are bloodshot, my face is ravaged by too much crapulence; my skin is sallow and old from my hard life and all that booze. I can brush you off with just one look…eyes facing down. Remember that. Don’t even start with me.

What?  Did you just say I can’t live without you? Who are you kidding? You told me the same thing last year when Sue took the kids and left. You said I wouldn’t make it. You said I would fall apart without her. She was nothing but a nagging teetotaler. I don’t miss her soapbox, calling me a drunk, a lush, a souse. I finally have peace without that flapping mouth.

Stop bragging just because you were right about one thing. Bid deal! Yes, it’s true, I miss the kids. I miss them every minute of the day. They mean everything to me. She won’t let me see them, says I have to sober up and stop the guzzling. Who made her God? How dare her! I am going to take her to court. Sue the pants right off her. I miss my son and my daughter. They’re at the age when they need their Dad.

Lose? Did you just say I would lose if I took her to court? You don’t know what you are talking about. Judges know how important both parents are in their kid’s lives. They need a male influence, too, you know. She fills their heads about me, about who I am. If the judge knew he would make a few fast changes. I’d like to see her face after that.  

I know, I know, I don’t have a job right now. I can get one. All I need to do is apply. Give me a break. Don’t worry about it. You ride me more than Sue did.  They shouldn’t have fired me just because of the two DUI’s? It was none of their business. I did my job and a damn good worker I was, too. I paid my tickets. Besides that, the cop had it in for me. He stopped me the second time for no reason. I should have him fired.

I knew you would have a comment to make about my doctor’s appointment yesterday. I already told you everything. She thinks I have a drinking problem. Come on! She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Liver damage if I don’t stop drinking. She used the word pickled. It’s her brain that isn’t working right. She sits in her high mucky-muck office seeing patients. She doesn’t know what the real world is all about. She should follow me for a few days. She would learn fast what real people deal with.  She is a crappy doctor, anyway. I need to look around for another one.

 I am so sick of everyone telling me I used to be someone else. I am me, ME, the exact same person I always was. It’s all of them who have turned on me, who have changed.

 And YOU, you are the worst. Every stinkin’ day you mock me. I get up in the morning and when I look at you all I see is that glaring counterfeit image. It’s not the real me I see. You don’t even know how to do your job anymore. You have turned on me, too. You’re so full of yourself, all that shine and gloss. I’m not good enough for you, am I? You used to be my friend. You aren’t anymore. I’ll fix you right now! What do you think of this?

 My hand, what did I do – what have I done? I broke and shattered you, my friend…my only friend.


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