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Once more, thank you to HAIKU HEIGHTS for the fantastic word prompt. This prompt is suggested by Aakriti of YARN OF WORDS. I must say this photo I am using rivited my attention and I could not leave it alone. These Afghan women know much about the rigors, frustrations, and limits their life demands of them,  yet, the birth of a child brings them courage and togetherness much like it does in my culture.

A group of women


newborn lullaby
symphony of proud veiled smiles
flee life’s acrid song


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There is much inspiration at the Haiku Heights blog site. Please join in the fun and read the talented Haiku writers featured there. This week, prompt #104 is crimson.

scarlet shoes seduction

Photo from owningpink.com

Crimson Heels

head turning hip sway
sleek crimson stiletto heels
minds playing skin games

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Please check out the Haiku Heights blog and read the inspiring Haiku penned by fellow bloggers. Thank you for another  great word prompt…Gem.


precious hands and toes
perfection filled with wonder
my treasure, my child

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Heart of mine restrained
bottled up, suppressed, choked back
Heart of yours unleashed
crazy for, in love, attached
Unrequited love yearns on.

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Knowing you thrills me
Needing you is not my plan
Loving you is hard
Feeling your heart beating strong
Speaks a hope my soul accepts

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My Friend

When you shed a tear
my heart brushes it away
When you feel life’s hurts
my soul surrounds your sorrow
When I see your face, I smile

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Thank you to Stephanie of BeKindRewrite for her Inspiration Monday written prompts. I chose the last prompt and decided to write a Tanka poem for it. Please visit her blog and join in. You will find inspiration there!

Her Nose Gives Her Away

compare and contrast
faces back then with those now
size up and assess
visual paternity test
yes, her nose gives her away

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katietakespicturesdotcom/6006599007/sizes/z/in/photostream/

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