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Once more, thank you to HAIKU HEIGHTS for the fantastic word prompt. This prompt is suggested by Aakriti of YARN OF WORDS. I must say this photo I am using rivited my attention and I could not leave it alone. These Afghan women know much about the rigors, frustrations, and limits their life demands of them,  yet, the birth of a child brings them courage and togetherness much like it does in my culture.

A group of women


newborn lullaby
symphony of proud veiled smiles
flee life’s acrid song


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There is much inspiration at the Haiku Heights blog site. Please join in the fun and read the talented Haiku writers featured there. This week, prompt #104 is crimson.

scarlet shoes seduction

Photo from owningpink.com

Crimson Heels

head turning hip sway
sleek crimson stiletto heels
minds playing skin games

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Please check out the Haiku Heights blog and read the inspiring Haiku penned by fellow bloggers. Thank you for another  great word prompt…Gem.


precious hands and toes
perfection filled with wonder
my treasure, my child

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A short time ago I was approached by an amazing artist, Christina Deubel, who asked if I would be interested in working on a project with her. She was planning to paint an original work of art as a gift for Indigo Spider (check out the painting here) and wondered if I would write a poem which she would add to the painting. It was a great honor to be a part of the project, and to collaborate with Christina. I must admit, it was a bit daunting since I consider each of these talented women in a league with those who have genuine talent. Thank you to both of you for your encouragement and for being part of my blog life!

Below is the senyru poem I wrote and which Christina used for her beautiful painting for Marita.


Indigo tinged ink
singing waters touch my soul
hearts beat, spirits meld
thoughts express a hope revealed
your strength entwines in me

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My heart answers yours
In the still deepness of night
Neither of us hear.

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A surgeon’s sharp knife
Penetrates death-dealing cells
Dare I hope for more?

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Senryu written 12/02/10.  Thinking of now…..and looking back.


Love parched and unquenched
Elusive drops of longing
Flush away past bliss

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