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Heart of mine restrained
bottled up, suppressed, choked back
Heart of yours unleashed
crazy for, in love, attached
Unrequited love yearns on.


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This Tanka is written for my friend, Marita. Thinking of you!


Under the covers
My body warms with the weight
My mind takes a break
When harsh realities speak
My soul refreshes…with time

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Knowing you thrills me
Needing you is not my plan
Loving you is hard
Feeling your heart beating strong
Speaks a hope my soul accepts

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My Friend

When you shed a tear
my heart brushes it away
When you feel life’s hurts
my soul surrounds your sorrow
When I see your face, I smile

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BeKindRewrite’s InMonXIII prompts this week were all so good. I wish I had time to write for each of them. I have veered from my regular story writing to attempt a Tanka poem. I have written only a few but I like the form. I chose the prompt  “I (she) Never Breathed”.

She Never Breathed

She could feel his stare
    He moved slowly toward her
And she toward him
    She never breathed; he approached
Walking past her to his wife

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Another Tanka written while thinking of the passing of time and memories. Written 12/01/10


Time in a bottle
Stopper glued tight from the years
Sand memories flow
Trickling minutes with tears
Pendulum sways to the past

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